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sharmin Akther
Apr 06, 2022
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hannah jane kile does a main event, round up the vips for a vip meet and greet to give them a taste of your everyday life as a rockstar. This is the perfect company employee list time to offer more expensive tickets to just a few select superfans. Festivals - the festival circuit is getting more and more popular every year, so now is a great time to get started. Once you are registered as an artist, you can sell festival tickets directly from your website. Or if you're planning your own festival, you can set it up to sell full passes to the entire event. Here is a great example from bz culture fest member. Vm culture day local showcase - instead of booking a bunch of shows just for your band, consider partnering with other bands in your genre to company employee list showcase local talent. For more publicity, you can even inquire with your chamber of commerce and make it a summer series. Open-mic battles and contests - charge a contest entry fee for anyone who wants to show off their skills in an open-mic event. Or for something even more interesting, follow the lead of bandzoogle members 'that awful rhythm' and compete against other local talent. Gang battles . or freestyle rap contests are a crowd pleaser and many fans would love to attend. This awful rhythm pre-gig and post-party meet -and-greet - give fans company employee list the opportunity to meet the band before the show starts. Let them be part of the check-in, pre-gig formalities and toast to a great show. Then let them hang out with you for the after party! The members of bz, members only 80's band, get the party started with this awesome tailgate party. Members only live video recording party - if you plan to do a live concert cd or.